Encourage natural cell growth by body exfoliation


It is a fact that the entire body is covered with skin cells, and some of them are dead. In general, the skin cells serve their purpose, and once done, they get replaced by newly formed and healthy skin cells. But it has been seen that sometimes, they don’t leave the body, and they don’t even dissipate into the ether. So, where do they go? They remain on the top of the skin, and with time, they develop different skin issues. For example, they can lead to calluses and clog pores. Besides, in some cases, these dead skin cells can lead to breakouts, hair loss, fine lines, and more.

Well, is there any solution for that? Different studies have proved that body exfoliation is one of the most effective methods for this. However, for better results, the skin experts have suggested using the best exfoliating body scrub. Let’s talk about this in detail.

What does it do?

The skin will shed skin cells, and this is a natural process. When it happens, new skin cells come up to the surface of the skin, replacing the dead cells. But with the aging process, the rate at which the body sheds the dead cells reduces. As a result, you need to remove those cells manually.

This is where exfoliation comes to play. Speaking about exfoliation, this is a process of chemically or physically removing the dead skin cells. As a result, it will speed up the skin’s natural new cell generation process. And you will look younger.

Coming to the physical exfoliators, they function on the skin’s top layers. During the process, they remove dulling and dead surface cells through sloughing and rubbing. A physical exfoliation may include natural beads, micro-fine or tiny granules, and some types of crystals.

On the other hand, the chemical exfoliation process dissolves the skin’s intercellular glue. This is the glue that holds the cells together. When you use any chemical exfoliators or body scrub products, they penetrate into the skin. This can be a good option for resistive skin and has deep congestion.

The process to exfoliate the skin

No matter what methods you choose, you should begin the process by properly cleansing and toning the skin. After that, take a pea-sized amount of exfoliating body scrub onto your palm and massage in a circular motion gently.

Don’t put much pressure as this can injure your skin and may lead to PIH- Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. After a few minutes, rinse off it using water. Now, you can use your regular SPF or moisturizer.

As this process removes the dead skin cells, it will create space for the new cells, and the body will produce new cells properly. Besides, there are some other benefits that you can enjoy with this.

It can boost blood flow

As per some studies, exfoliation can help in stimulating blood flow. The blood will flow closer to the skin surface, and you will have glowing skin. On the other hand, as blood flow improves, it will trigger collagen production. As a result, it can slow down the skin’s aging process.

Better absorption of skincare products

Remember that there is no value in using costly lotions or skin oils onto the skin that needs a body scrub. When you apply, those products will only cling to the skin cells and will not penetrate into the skin. With exfoliation, you can get rid of the dead skin cells, and your skin will begin to absorb the nutrients from the skincare products.

It can unclog the pores

A cleanser can only go just deep in terms of eliminating the gunk. However, an exfoliator like body wash for women can go deep into there to decongest or unclog the skin pores. This is an effective method to remove the pore-blocking elements.

It smooths the texture and tone of your skin

Do you have bumpy skin that frequently develops dry patches? Well, in such a case, you can’t even use makeup. However, with exfoliation, you can solve it. The method smooths your skin and can remove the uneven tone as well as textures from the skin.  In fact, regular exfoliation using the right product can promote a radiant and beautiful glow.

Well, to enjoy the maximum benefits of body exfoliation, it is important to use the right type of exfoliating body scrub. And for that, one can always opt for Crème De Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish from Kiehl’s. This product is developed to properly exfoliate different types of skin without over-drying.

The best thing about this body wash for women is that it has 100 percent natural ingredients. For example, it has shea butter, honey, sweet almond oil, jojoba butter, and more. Just massage this onto your skin for a few minutes, and then rinse it properly. That’s it. After the process, you can witness soft and supple skin.


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